Sunday, July 17, 2011

yvie comes home

with three lovely friends in tow!

yvie's my oldest friend 20 (!!!) years and counting and hand on heart my absolute favourite person on earth. she's goodness and light, has the driest sense of humour and is fantastically brilliant to boot. but you'd never know she was a big a brainiac as she is because she's so unassuming and not in the least bit braggy boots. she's finally home for good after six years away and her coursemates saw her home. talk about an awesome sending off haha - her friends came home with her! 

and because they were visiting over a weekend, i was only too happy to traipse around with them. these troopers landed bright and early on saturday morning and we hit the ground running. after a gas station breakfast (necessity > epicuriosity), they dived head first into their dempsey tour.

we started with lunch that gave jenny, kathy and ashna their first taste of snail!

and then moved on to visit the white rabbit, promising to return for drinks because the girls fell in love with the place, and the swing. don't they look pretty sitting there?

didn't know they were big ben & jerry's fans but yay to cooperative models and a cute van

you might guess by now that we've a thing for swings...

after dempsey, yvie and i showed them around emerald hill for some perserved heritage and peranakan architecture

frangipani tree!

yvie is ever graceful - this was just after we were chided for trespassing at our old school, also at emerald hill. teehee the doors were open so we strolled right in and managed to take some photos before an angry, official-looking person chased us out. boo :(

from emerald hill, we just had to ride the outdoor escalators

and no trip to orchard road is complete without ice cream from the push cart uncle.

happy campers!

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